Talahassee, Florida. Home to one of the largest and deepest freshwater springs in the world - the Wakulla Springs.

It is said that 'Wakulla' is a Timucuan (Native American) word, and it is unlikely that its meaning will ever be known. Wikipedia says, 'Wakulla' may contain the word 'kala' which signified a 'spring of water' in some Native American Indian dialects'. This is where the Sanskrit connection is evident.

'Wakulla' Springs, Tallahasee, Florida

Lets look at the word through the Sanskrit lens. In Sanskrit 'v' () means water. 'Kulya' (कूल्या) means a 'stream', a 'canal' or a 'water body'. Kulini (कूलिनी) means a 'river'. 

Talahasee has a similar meaning. In Sanskrit, 'tala' (तल) again means a water body or pond and 'talak' means 'spring'. 'Ulhas' (उल्लस्) means joyful, cause movement, jump, shine forth or come forth. Talahasee therefore mean a place the 'Water Springs Emerge'. Wakulla springs in Talahassee are said to be the largest freshwater springs anywhere in the world.